At Visa Asistencia we recognize that immigration not only facilitates movement, but it is often a crucial commercial and economic need. Our Company, of the first level, is focused on the essential business role that immigrants can play in innovation, employment growth and economic progress. We offer advice to a wide range of industries and people, with an unwavering commitment to superior service in each case we undertake.

Headquartered in Bogotá (Colombia), Visa Asistencia offers its clients extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of all areas of business, employment, and immigration law in Colombia. Our great resources are the skill, vision and creativity of our professionals, who are true immigration strategists. We help our clients to develop effective programs of immigration and global mobility, maximize the successful results of immigration and avoid inconveniences in the fulfillment of immigration.

We are successful because we have a better understanding of how government entities think and we spend a lot of time doing that kind of thinking working on immigration issues in key government positions; this gives us a unique vision of what is most important to people: their time and their money.

Our main objective is to be a national and international immigration company and we want our clients to be happy to work with us. We are known for a firm environment, highly professional and also very human. Our training is exceptional and we reward great performance while making sure that no one has to sacrifice their personal life to perform a cumbersome process.

We maintain exceptionally high professional standards and our professionals are trained frequently and are not afraid to challenge unfair laws and decisions and work to affect the reform of national policies because immigration policies affect not only corporate outcomes but also individual lives.

We hope that each and every one of the foreign citizens will take advantage of the opportunities of this country to grow and, ultimately, leave their own legacy that will benefit future generations.


We focus on offering total tranquility to our customers, a high level of security in the handling of sensitive information and agility in responding to all the procedures of our portfolio, offering various types of communication channels that generate a close relationship with our clients, collaborators, and suppliers.


In 5 years we will be the leading company in immigration procedures in Colombia, assisting all Colombian and foreign citizens to overcome the obstacles related to immigration in Colombia and emigration abroad.