Termination of the visa application suspension and passports before the Colombian Consulates abroad

The Visa Asistencia team conducts an analysis of the Colombian Government’s immigration measures to deal with the emergency by COVID-19.

Through Resolution 1585 of June 24, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia finishes the suspension in the visa applications for foreign citizens who are physically abroad and the process of issuing Colombian passports in the Colombian Consulates.

As a foreign citizen abroad, will I be able to apply for a Colombian visa before any Colombian Consulate authorized to do so?

YES, the process can be started through the SITAC platform enabled for it. Article 1st of this Resolution finishes the suspension referred to in Article 2nd of Resolution 1296 of April 21st, 2020 for the visa applications for foreigners staying outside of Colombian territory.

Additionally, foreign applicants and legal entities that support the application in Colombia are obliged to provide all the requirements that are ordinarily required in the regulations, taking care to supply all the documentation that supports the activity except for isolation. Likewise, the consular officer responsible for the study of the visa application must record with due rigor in the electronic file, the basis for authorizing, inadmissible or rejecting the visa application.

On the other hand, the suspension in the accounting of the validity time of the visas provided for in Article 3rd of Resolution 1296 of April 21st, 2020, does not apply to visas issued pursuant to this article.

As a Colombian citizen abroad, will I be able to process my passport before any Colombian Consulate authorized to do so?

YES. Article 2nd of this Resolution finishes the suspension referred to in Article 7th of Resolution 1296 of April 21st, 2020 for the issuance of ordinary and executive electronic passports, at the issuing offices in Bogotá and Colombian Consulates abroad.

Isolation and prevention measures during the realization of face-to-face procedures

For face-to-face procedures at Colombian Consulates abroad, the isolation and prevention measures decreed by the receiving countries will be taken into account and can only be carried out to the extent that sanitary conditions and mobility facilities allow. For the realization of the face-to-face procedures before the Colombian Consulates, we highly recommend previously consulting the official website of the respective Consulate, this to find out the hours of operation, request an appointment (if applicable), email, contact phones, government fees, means of payment and health and hygiene measures to enter their facilities.

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