Suspension of terms regarding visas, passports and nationality procedures in Colombia.

Visa Asistencia team conducts an analysis of the Colombian Government’s immigration measures to deal with the emergency by COVID-19.

Through Resolution 1296 of April 21st, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia suspends the terms on visas, passports and nationality as a transitional measure within the framework of the state of health emergency generated by COVID-19.

Can I currently apply for a Colombian visa?

  • The Resolution establishes that foreigners who are physically in the national territory in a regular immigration status will be able to apply for a Colombian visa through the SITAC platform enabled for this purpose. However, it is important to note that foreign citizens holding a V-type (Visitor) visa will not be able to apply for a Colombian M-type (Immigrant) visa under any category, so the foreign citizen must remain in V-type (Visitor) category.
  • Additionally, the visa applications of foreigners who are outside of Colombia will be suspended, therefore, Colombian Consulates abroad are prevented from admitting the visa application processes until the health emergency remains in force.

What terms are suspended?

In accordance with the Resolution, the following terms are suspended until the end of the health emergency in Colombia:

  • The terms of validity of the following types of visa, provided that foreigners are abroad and the Colombian visa is valid as of April 21st, 2020:

   ❏ V-type (Visitor) visa to provide temporary services to a natural or legal person in Colombia and to occupy any position at a                   headquarters in Colombia by virtue of an intra-corporate transfer of personnel.

   ❏ M-type (Immigrant) visa under all its subcategories.

  • The terms of early termination of visas due to the absence of national territory for Immigrant and Resident visas.
  • The terms provided for the printing and stamping of the visa label, so that foreigners can identify themselves with the electronic visa (e-visa in PDF version).
  • The deadlines to claim the passport once it is issued.
  • The terms to issue a certificate of renunciation of nationality.
  • The terms to issue the act of recovery of nationality. 

What procedures are suspended?

In accordance with the Resolution, the following procedures are suspended until the end of the health emergency in Colombia:

  • Processing of visa applications for foreigners outside Colombia before the Colombian Consulates abroad. Neither can visa applications be made to the Passport and Visa Office in the city of Bogotá for foreign citizens who are physically abroad.
  • Procedures for issuing passports.
  • Procedure for renouncing nationality.

Until when will the terms and procedures be suspended?

The terms and procedures will be suspended until the end of the health emergency declared by the Government of Colombia and for indefinite term.

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