1. Procedures before the Office of Passports and Visas in Bogotá and Consulates of Colombia abroad:
  • Processing of visa applications of Colombian visa type V (Visitor), M (Immigrant) and R (Resident), in all its subcategories, for Main Holders and his/her Beneficiaries.
  • Passport transfer due to deterioration, change or loss of the passport, when any clarification or change of entity or occupation is required or for continuity of type R (Resident) visa.
2. Procedures before Immigration Services Facilitators Centers of Migración Colombia:
  • Registration of a Colombian visa and ID Foreigner Card – Cédula de Extranjería – (first time, renewal, and duplication due to loss or deterioration).
  • Salvoconductos de Permanencia para trámite de visa y Salvoconductos de salida (waivers).
  • Visa registration for children under 7 years old.
  • Extension of Permit to Stay and Permanence (PIP) to Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP).
  • Entry and Permanence Permit Procedure – Urgent Technical Visitor (PIP-7).
  • Certificate of Immigration Movements (Certificado de Movimientos Migratorios).
  • Procedures through the platform Sistema de Información para el Reporte de Extranjeros de Migración Colombia (SIRE) and Registro Único de Trabajadores Extranjeros en Colombia (RUTEC). 
  • Filing of documents in the Immigration Services Facilitators Centers of Migración Colombia.
3. Apostille procedures and legalization of documents issued in Colombia
4. Criminal records before the National Police of Colombia.
5. Obtaining copies of birth and marriage certificates at the different notaries in Bogotá through authentic authorization
6. Official translations in Colombia to different languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and others, as required), authentication of the translator's signature and legalization of the translations
7. Procedures before the different
Professional Councils in Colombia
  • Processing of temporary permits, professional cards, special licenses and concepts of no need.
8. Procedures before the Ministry of
Education of Colombia
  • Validation of qualifications obtained abroad (undergraduate, postgraduate, specialization, masters, doctorate, and postdoctoral).
9. Processing of Colombian nationality
  • Colombian nationality by birth.
  • Colombian nationality by adoption.
  • Renunciation of Colombian nationality.
  • Recovery of Colombian nationality.
10. Consular services in Colombia
  • Obtaining of visas, study permits and work permits in Consulates and Embassies of other countries in Colombia, according to requirement.
  • Legalization and authentication of Consular documents and Embassies of other countries in Colombia.
  • Issuance of passports.
11. Assistance in processing American
visas B1/B2 (Tourism/Business)
12. Assistance in Canadian visa applications (temporary, study permit, work permit, and supervisas for parents or grandparents)
13. Courses, in-house workshops, trainings, and conferences in Colombian immigration law


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