Increase of requirements for applications of Colombian M-type visa (Immigrant) Worker Main Applicant

Today Visa Asistencia exposes the new requirements for the application of a type-M (Immigrant) Colombian visa Main Holder:

Under their discretion, visa officers from the Passport and Visa Office in Bogotá and the Consulates of Colombia abroad may request additional documentation from employers and foreign citizens requesting Colombian M-type (Immigrant) Worker visa, either for the first time or renewal, this to verify the professional credentials and work experience of the applicant.


These new requirements could be an administrative obstacle and could delay the time of collecting documents for new visa applications, since it can take a significant amount of time to apostille, legalize and / or officially translate documents issued abroad into Spanish. Under this scenario, it is recommended to take the precautions to organize the package of document for the visa application at least three (3) months in advance of the expiration date of the current visa, this in the case of visa renewal, as well as keep in a regular situation in the country, this by getting a “Salvoconducto de Permanencia para trámite de visa” before the Centro Facilitador de Servicios Migración of Migración Colombia for the main visa holder and his/her visa beneficiaries, this in case the required documentation is not obtained in time.


Previously, only one letter of job offer and / or an employment contract should be presented to demonstrate the suitability of the foreigner for the job position. On the other hand, visa applicants would have up to 30 calendar days to submit additional documentation during the application, unless the visa officer of the Passport and Visa Office or the Colombian Consulate abroad indicates otherwise.


New requirements that could be requested during the visa study:


  • The new documents include the undergraduate diploma (Bachelor’s Degree) of the applicant.
  • Experience certificates, with an issue date not exceeding three (3) months, issued by the current and / or previous employer of the visa applicant.
  • Letter of support issued by the employer in Colombia, explaining the visa applicant’s suitability for the job position.
  • Certificate of Immigration Movements (Certificado de Movimientos Migratorios), which shows the entries and exits of the country of the last (5) years are informed, issued by the Centro Facilitador de Servicios Migración of Migración Colombia and with a validity not exceeding three (3) months at the time of visa application.
  • Criminal Record Certificate, duly apostilled or legalized as appropriate, where the criminal record of the last 10 years of the country of birth and / or country (s) of residence during that period is certified.
  • For visa renewals: last payment form to the social contributions system for those who are within the Company’s payroll in Colombia.
  • When creating the online Colombian visa application through the SITAC platform, the personal email of the foreign citizen must be provided.
  • International medical insurance that covers the foreigner during his / her stay if he / she is not registered in the payroll of the Company in Colombia. For M-type (Immigrant) Worker Visa applicants as Main Holder or Beneficiary, the Main Holder foreigner may be required to register through the Ministry of Health website, attaching the last six (6) payment forms to the contributory social contribution system of the last six (6) months (he / she must upload the information corresponding to his / her Base Income Contribution).
  • The Passports and Visas Office in Bogotá may require, during the study of visa, that the applicant foreign citizen attends an interview accompanied by the Legal Representative of the contracting company in Colombia, carrying all the supports of the visa application in original and physical.

Prevention of apostille, legalization and official translation of documents issued abroad:


We remind you that any document issued outside of Colombia must be apostilled before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin or legalized at the Consulate of Colombia abroad, as the case may be, and must be accompanied by its official translation into Spanish in Colombia, authentication of the official translator’s signature and online legalizations of the translations, this is a document issued in any other language. Additionally, we remind that any apostille or legalization abroad on any document must not be valid for more than three (3) months of issuance at the time of making the visa application.




As of today, the Colombian Government has not provided specific information on this discretionary policy and the recently appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in Colombia Claudia Blum de Barberi seems to be increasing the requirements of Colombian visa applications with the proposed immigration law, currently under legislative review that, if approved, would require that foreign citizens in certain visa categories have high qualifications of expertise and suitability for the position to be exercised.


We highly recommend contacting the immigration professional of Visa Asistencia in advance of the visa application, this to obtain specific advice and require alternative document submission plans.

In case you have concerns or require assistance to make your request for a Colombian visa or any other type of immigration service, do not hesitate to contact Visa Asistencia through our Contact Form and/or Whatsapp. It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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