Migración Colombia suspends the validity of its immigration procedures by quarantine to face COVID-19.

Today, Visa Asistencia informs the measures that the Immigration Services Facilitator Centers of Migración Colombia have implemented due to the quarantine period established by the national government to face the pandemic by COVID-19:

1. The following procedures, which are carried out through the Single Procedure Form (FUT)*, will be suspended indefinitely and for the duration of the health emergency (Resolution 0918 of March 19th, 2020 and Resolution 1006 of April 1st, 2020):

  • Processing of cédulas de extranjería (ID foreigner cards) for the first time, renewal and duplication.
  • Visa registration for children under 7 years old, under 18 years old and of legal age.
  • Temporary Permanence Permit (PTP) to extend or change permit.
  • Issuance of Certificates of Immigration Movements and Nationality.
  • Salvoconductos procedures type SC-1 (to leave the country) and SC-2 (to stay in the country).
  • The face-to-face issuance of the Special Permanency Permit for the Promotion of Formalization (PEPFF) for Venezuelan citizens in Colombia. This procedure can still be carried out by the employer and virtually through the official website of the Ministry of Labor here.

2. The counted time will be provisionally suspended for the Salvoconducto de Permanencia, the Extensions of Permanence (Temporary Permits of Permanence) and the Special Permit of Permanence (PEP) for Venezuelan citizens. The suspension of time would go until the term established by the national government for the health emergency is met.

3. Those foreign citizens who, due to the current situation, were unable to leave the national territory before the expiration of their Entry and Permanence Permit, which was granted upon entering the country, Migración Colombia clarified that its validity will be extended in a automatic for up to one (1) month after the health emergency is over, during which time the foreign citizen agrees to renew his / her permit.

4. Migración Colombia may issue records of the documents in process. These records will be in force until one (1) month after finishing the health emergency, during which time the foreigner must complete his / her process.

5. The procedures that started before the declaration of the health emergency and that were not completed will be managed by Migración Colombia and the foreigner will be informed via email.

6. The applications for Temporary Permit to Stay (PTP Extensions) that are in process and that require the prove of tickets or reservations to leave the country must not meet this condition temporarily.

7. Salvoconducto for refugee procedures must be previously authorized by the National Commission for the Recognition of Refugee Status (CONARE).

8. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and in order to care for its officials, the service in its 27 Immigration Services Facilitator Centers will be suspended indefinitely and until the Colombian government declares it.

About administrative processes:

1. Those foreign citizens who had to register their visa and / or issue their cédulas de extranjería, Migración Colombia clarified that the entity will refrain from initiating any type of administrative action if the foreigner was unable to carry out this procedure, within the established terms by law, this due to the current situation.

2. The terms are suspended at all stages of the administrative sanction processes that are underway against natural or legal persons, unless the alleged offender has received authorization to receive notifications of the process by email. In any case, administrative processes may be opened by telephone.

3. The email account is created to send and receive notifications of administrative processes.

4. These measures will apply until the business day following the termination of the health emergency.

5. The administrative novelties that constitute a immigration infraction, derived from the expiration of the visas, entry permits, extensions and application for cédulas de extranjería, may be considered as sufficient reason to exonerate and file the administrative actions.


This measure gives a great part of tranquility to all foreign citizens who are in the country, either under the immigration status of a tourist or those who did not get their new cédula de extranjería upon receiving their new Colombian visa. It also helps all foreign citizens who are in Colombia and have not been able to leave the country due to the flight restriction established by the National Government. Additionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, through its official website, has reported that, given the extension of the period of isolation established by the Mayor of Bogotá and the mandatory preventive isolation decreed by the Presidency of the Republic, the Internal Working Group on Visas and Immigration will not have face-to-face attention to the public at its offices in Bogotá at Avenida 19 Nº 98-03 Edificio Torre 100, however the online applications for Colombian visas will continue as usually

* Migración Colombia has blocked the access to this online form, due to the suspension of its immigration procedures.

In case you have concerns or require assistance to make your request for a Colombian visa or any other type of migratory service, do not hesitate to contact Visa Asistencia through our Contact Form and/or Whatsapp. It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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