Affiliation to SISBÉN for citizens foreigners residing in Colombia

Today in Visa Asistencia we inform all the general conditions for the affiliation to SISBÉN for foreigners residing in Colombia. To the question:

  • I am a foreign citizen living in Colombia and I want to be in the SISBÉN (Beneficiary Selection System for Social Programs), what should I do?

Before answering this question, I would like to contextualize:

What is SISBÉN and what is it for?

The Beneficiary Selection System for Social Programs (SISBÉN) is a tool, made up of a set of rules, norms and procedures to obtain reliable and updated socioeconomic information from specific groups in all the departments, districts and municipalities of the country.

The main objective of the SlSBÉN is to establish a technical, objective, equitable and uniform mechanism for selecting beneficiaries of social spending to be used by the territorial entities. Through the application of a survey, it allows identifying potential beneficiaries of social programs in the areas of health, education, social welfare, among others. SISBÉN is the gateway to the subsidized regime.

It consists of presenting the SISBÉN survey application to the District Planning Department. If you have not yet been surveyed and require that your data be recorded in the SISBÉN database, you can request that the SISBÉN survey be conducted.

Is it possible for a foreign citizen in Colombia to access the application of the SISBÉN survey?

The SISBÉN survey can be applied to foreigners who are regularly in Colombia, it is not applicable for people in an irregular situation regarding their immigration status.

As a foreigner in Colombia in a regular situation, how can I apply for the SISBÉN survey?

  1. Go to the SISBÉN office in the municipality of your residence. You can consult the list of offices in the following link.
  2. Request the application of the survey for the first time. Remember that this request must be made by a resident of the household, over 18 years of age, presenting the current valid identity document.
  3. Only foreigners who submit the following valid documents can register in the SISBÉN:
  • Major: Cédula de Extranjería (ID Foreigner Card) or Salvoconducto (waiver) for refugee.
  • Minor, older than seven (7) years: Cédula de Extranjeríoa for minor or Salvoconducto (waiver) for refugee.
  • Minor, under seven (7) years old: Passport and National Identity Document (from the country of origin).
  1. The application of this survey is for FREE.
  2. The interviewer will go to your home and apply the survey.
  3. Check that the information that is registered is the one that you provided and that reflects your current social and economic situation. Remember that this information is delivered under oath and will be used to calculate your score, for this reason you should not lie as this can be verified with other sources of information.
  4. Consider the dates of sending and publishing the information before consulting your score.
  5. It is not necessary intermediaries.

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